Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna

Two Girls DownAfter reading a few psychological thrillers, this mystery was a change of pace. The author caught my attention very early, and had me committed to the story from the beginning. While there was somewhat of a lull in the middle of the book, the last 50 pages had me engrossed.

It is rare that I find a book for which I don’t have a clue as to how it is going to end. Two Girls Down is that book. It had me guessing up until the last few pages. The ending was unexpected. This is definitely not one of those books that you spend time reading, just to be disappointed in the ending. Quite the opposite actually.

I will admit that one of the weaknesses of the story is the quantity and variety of characters you meet along the way. While the author did a great job developing the two main characters, I sometimes found it difficult to remember all the ancillary characters, their names, and their relation to the story along the way.

Otherwise, very entertaining and would recommend to others.

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