General Fiction (Adult)

Dark Chapter by Winnie M. Li

Dark ChapterSpoiler: Had I known before I read this book that it centered around the topic of rape, I probably would not have read it. However, I’m so glad that I did. Thank you to the publisher for being vague in the description of this book so I was not immediately deterred. Based on a true story, Dark Chapter is such an important book for both women and men to read, especially in the age of the #metoo movement.

Following the lives of both Vivan and Johnny through their journeys as the victim of a horrific rape and the perpetrator, the author takes us on a ride through the psyche of both main characters before, during, and after this horrific crime. With the use of different writing styles throughout to depict their differences in intellect, I felt I understood the backgrounds of these two characters, what led up to their unfortunate crossing of paths, and why each character responded in the way they did to the aftermath. The story is heartbreaking, but allows the reader to understand the impact of sexual assault on an intimate and necessary level.

Although the publisher categorized this book as both General Fiction (Adult) and Mystery/Thriller, I would say it leans more heavily toward General Fiction. I would recommend this book to people of all genders and ages, as a tool to gain perspective in our spiraling world of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and abuse.

-This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review-

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