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Find You in the Dark: A Novel by Nathan Ripley

Find You in the Dark: A NovelFind You in the Dark: A Novel by Nathan Ripley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two words: Messed. Up.

But in a good way.

This was one of the more bizarre stories I have read. It was like a story you would see on Investigation Discovery, feeling like a dark, inconceivable, fictitious version of 48 hours or Dateline.

Martin Reese has a hobby. Rather, an obsession. He studies serial killers, searches for their victims’ dead bodies, and digs them up. Seeing his work as a public service, he then calls the police and reports the missing girls as found, all while remaining anonymous. But little does Martin know somebody is on to his secret, somebody who would kill to stop him.

Nathan Ripley did such a great job developing this story from the beginning. I was along for the ride through and through. With layers upon layers, my interest was piqued and attention held for all 368 pages. Each of the many characters that were introduced along the way had a distinct purpose, and added depth to the novel. And, all of the loose ends were tied up thoughtfully and purposefully at the conclusion of the story.

I also found myself feeling empathetic toward Martin, despite some of the more sinister actions he takes throughout the novel. I felt conflicted, struggling between my moral compass and the feeling of wanting to relate to the protagonist regardless of his poor choices. It was an interesting situation that the reader was put in by Nathan Ripley.

Overall, would highly recommend this book to anybody who is looking to get a little scared in the dark.

-This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley, Nathan Ripley, and Atria Books for the opportunity to review.-

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