Tear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison

Tear Me ApartTear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Expected publication August 28th!

What a wild ride! Tear Me Apart tells the story of a teenage superstar skier who is on track to join the US Olympic team when she suddenly suffers a season ending leg injury. But, while in the hospital she may find out more than she ever bargained for. Sudden her life and the lives of those around her are shattered into pieces and things will never be the same again.

Several words to describe this book: ever-changing, uncertain, suspenseful, lengthy, and psychological.

I’m having a hard time really seeing this book as a “thriller.” Most of the surprises were heavily concentrated at the beginning of the book, and many of the “surprises” at the end were not very shocking. However, the story was still engaging and kept me entertained from start to finish. I just didn’t feel that huge shock value that usually accompanies a thriller at the climax. The ending was a tad predictable.

In my opinion, the real highlight of this book is J.T. Ellison’s look into the psyche of those suffering from mental illness. Seeing what lengths a mother would go to in order to protect her child and her family, seeing how those who suffer from depression make decisions about how they want their lives to play out, etc. In addition, the look at family dynamics and what makes somebody a mother or a father was especially impactful.

I particularly enjoyed the break in formatting when the main characters are writing letters to each other. It was a nice pause, even more so because the book is on the longer side. And as somebody who lives in Nashville, I rather enjoyed references to Vanderbilt and the Nashville area as I was able to relate to them.

Overall, well done and suspenseful story for anybody looking for a page turner.

-I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to J.T. Ellison, MIRA Books, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review.-

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