The Spite Game by Anna Snoekstra

The Spite GameThe Spite Game by Anna Snoekstra

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Out October 30th!

Looking for your next guilty pleasure? Here it is.

I won The Spite Game in a Goodreads giveaway and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. I would liken it to a cross between the movie Mean Girls and the TV show Revenge with a dark and sinister edge.

Ava is relentlessly bullied in high school and she wants to teach all the students who bullied her a lesson. But, she won’t address the problem head on. Her sneaky, stalker-ish approach will make your spine tingle.

Ava is a character you love to hate and hate to love. I can’t say that she handles her problems in the most mature fashion, and the girl definitely needs therapy. But, I enjoyed following her story.

The Spite Game wasn’t the most amazing book I’ve ever read, but it is an easy, enjoyable, and quick read if you’re looking for something that doesn’t take a ton of thought. I enjoyed it.

Anna Snoekstra will keep you guessing up until literally the very last page. I found myself less than 10 pages from the end of the book still not knowing how it would end. So sit back and hang on for the ride. It’s a wild one.

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