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The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

The Kind Worth KillingThe Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four words for this book: So. Incredibly. Messed. Up.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Peter Swanson reminds me so much of Karin Slaughter. Or Karin Slaughter reminds me so much of Peter Swanson? There’s a little bit of a chicken or the egg situation going on here, but either way, their writing styles are so similar and I love them both.

I just recently finished Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson and it was fantastic, but I think The King Worth Killing is better. It’s kind of hard to describe this book because it’s very convoluted and a complete mind f*ck. In a nutshell, man meets woman on plane. Man jokes with woman that he could kill his wife. Woman nudges man to go through with it. A bunch of really crazy stuff happens. We don’t know who to trust. Sheer chaos…

The best thing about this book was the unexpected. There were so many times when I thought the book was headed in one direction only to be rerouted 180 degrees at the drop of a dime. Peter Swanson did such a fantastic job keeping the reader on their toes while not creating too much confusion that it was hard to follow. All of the characters are just purely awful people doing awful things to each other. I don’t think you’ll find a likable character in this book, so if you’re looking for a good-natured protagonist, this is the wrong book for you.

I listened to this book on audiobook. One more reason it reminded me of Karin Slaughter is likely the fact that they share a narrator. Kathleen Early is a superb audiobook narrator who performed Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls as well as The Good Daughter. She also narrates a portion of The Kind Worth Killing and she does such a great job keeping a sinister edge and suspenseful tone throughout the book.

Overall, great read for a thriller. It is pretty graphic and disturbing so not for the faint of heart or queasy of stomach.

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