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For Better and Worse by Margot Hunt

For Better and WorseFor Better and Worse by Margot Hunt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I honestly almost didn’t read this book (too many darn audiobooks dropped from the library at one time) but I’m so happy I did!

What would you do if you found out the principal at your child’s school was accused of sexual abuse of a student? For Better or Worse explores the answer to this question when husband and wife Will and Natalie find that their son’s principal and their close family friend has been fingered as the source of one child’s molestation claims. Natalie and Will take matters into their own hands to right the injustice in this fast-paced thriller.

This was a really good book. I never really knew where it was headed so it constantly kept me on my toes. While the content was at times difficult to listen to/stomach, it was realistic and therefore mildly terrifying. I don’t know how people can hurt children. Just my two cents. It’s so disturbing. I enjoyed the fact that the author toyed around with using a criminal defense attorney as the main character and watching her struggle with what is morally right and wrong. At times I felt she even empathized with some of the criminals she defended which was an interesting element to the story.

While I thought the ending was clever, I found it to be a bit far fetched which was the only disappointment for me. Perhaps it is realistic and I’m just naive, but it was difficult for me to imagine the ending unfolding in real life in the same way that it unfolded in the book.

The audiobook was enjoyable and and easy listen.

Overall, just a solid thriller with some interesting plot elements. Would recommended to any thriller lovers. I look forward to reading other works by Margot Hunt in the future.

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