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When All Is Said by Anne Griffin

When All Is SaidWhen All Is Said by Anne Griffin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely stunning!

I love nothing more than winning a book in a giveaway that I wouldn’t have otherwise read and falling in love with the author and the writing. When All Is Said was that book for me.

When your life comes to an end, what will you look back upon? What will you remember? How will be people remember you? How will your life be defined by the choices you made along the way? This book tells the story of an elderly man as he sits at a local bar raising a toast to the five people that mattered most in his life. As he remembers the way their lives impacted him.

I will NOT do this book justice with my review. It was poetically written and (in my opinion) could rival the classics. The writing was so different than anything I’ve read lately. Despite being only about 260 pages, it was not a quick read because the prose was written in a non-conversational way. But it was brilliantly executed.

There were minimal twists and turns. There wasn’t a ton of excitement. There wasn’t a fast paced, heart pounding narrative. But none of that mattered. The story was able to carry itself without all the bells and whistles. And by the end, I was legitimately bawling on the floor next to my exercise bike wishing it wouldn’t end.

I don’t know that this book will be loved by all. Like I said, the writing is very unique and may not be ideal for somebody looking for a quick and easy read. But if you’re searching for a book that will speak to you, give you all the feels, and really capture your soul, this is the book for you. Bravo to Anne Griffin on her first novel. It was a fabulous debut!

This book comes out on Tuesday and you can preorder it here! Trust me. You will not want to miss it.

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