Author Q&A

Author Q&A with Erica Bauermeister (Author of The Scent Keeper)

Big welcome to Erica Bauermeister who stopped by to talk to us about her upcoming book, The Scent Keeperout May 21st!  The book is incredible, so please check out my review to learn more!

Ashley: What was the easiest part of writing this book?  What was the most challenging?

Erica: Emmeline’s character was the easiest part. She was such a strong presence in my imagination. The hardest part, ironically, was realizing that the book should be written in her voice. It took me three years and four different points of view before I woke up one morning with her voice in my head. Once that happened the rest came easily.

Ashley: The cover of this book is beautiful.  What was the process like for designing it?

Erica: I was so impressed by the artist who designed this cover.  Usually creating a book cover is a difficult process, with several completely different concepts before we settle on one. This cover was pretty much perfect right from the start. While Emmeline’s island is actually rain-soaked and covered with evergreens, the cover captures the feeling of the book, which is the more important and trickier challenge.

Ashley: When you’re on tour, what is the one thing you cannot live without?

Erica: I have a fragrance I always bring along—Atelier’s Orange Sanguine. It smells like sunshine and comfort and imagination. I put on just a little bit before I do book events, and it is like taking a friend with me on stage.


Big thank you to Erica Bauermeister for stopping by Home Sweet Houser on her blog tour.  If you’re interested in purchasing The Scent Keeper, check out any of the retailers below to snag your copy now.

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